Thursday, April 6, 2017

Last Snow?

Today brings us a morning of really wet snow. Is this the last of the season? The first snow of the season seems almost magical. I have to admit that it's the only snow I really enjoy. After a couple of months of snow, cold and ice I get tired of it. I think the snow today might be the last. Fingers crossed. In its own way it seems almost as magical as the first snow.

It won't last long. Temperatures on Sunday are supposed to reach 21C (69F). That's Spring in Michigan for you!


  1. Oh gosh, how horrid for you to still be having snow. It is so unfair. I am sending you a big sunny day in my mind! Hope it reaches you soon!!

  2. Wow - at least you know that it might be the last snow of the season. Sometimes we get late snows here in WA State. Mostly we get very unsettled weather this time of year with wind and hail. No fun when you are watching your daffodils get battered and flattened by the hail! Glad it is going to warm up for you! xx Karen

  3. Looks very wintry! Hopefully, spring arrives in time for Easter for you! xx

  4. I remember one year when I was in Wisconsin and it snowed in early June! Hope you don't get any more snow from now until winter! It is definitely time for spring!


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