Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday Walk

Back to rain this morning but yesterday was a glorious day - warm and sunny, no clouds in the skies at all. We went for a walk at a State Park we haven't been to before - Grand Mere park. We knew it was going to be hilly as it is surrounded by sand dunes. I took a deep breath and decided to go for it. I like a nice walk (as you might be able to tell from my Sunday posts) but I don't particularly like hills. My bad ankle doesn't like hills either, especially those covered with sand. Hubby bought me some hiking sticks for Christmas and they really do help with the stability.

It wasn't a particularly long walk but mostly uphill!

Lovely walk along the lake before heading back up!

A stack of cairns on the beach. I did add one to the very top stack.

We took a different way back. It was supposed to lead to the nature trail. Still hilly. I let my hubby have a head start (ha ha). We hadn't taken that way to begin with as the beginning of the path was flooded. We saw a family wading through the muddy water in bare feet. Shudder. Not that adventurous!

Yup. Flooded! We managed to find a path on higher ground and walked that way.

Not a lot growing yet, but a butterfly! Surely that is a sign of Spring.

Because the walk wasn't that long we decided to go back to another park we've visited before but that's a story for another day. I think I'll save that one for Five on Friday. I thought on this one husband was going to break something and I was going to be stuck halfway up/down a sand dune! Yikes.


  1. Walks around where we live are quite dangerous although we live right out in the sticks. The fairly narrow main road is a bit of a rat run for traffic not wanting to use the A50 and we get a lot of lorries and cars travelling at way above the set speed.
    We have to get in the car and travel away from home and we usually end up in the Peak District.
    I'd love to be able to go on the walks you do-x-

  2. What a lovely walk and the photo of the butterfly is beautiful xx

  3. Yay for signs of spring and for walking in the sand not the snow!

  4. You put me to shame with all the walking you do, Sharon! That walk looked like it was quite a work out! And then, you followed it with another walk? Goodness! That is a very beautiful butterfly! Yes, spring is on its way!


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