Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunday Walk (and back to rain again on Monday!)

Monday has the rain coming again and forecast for most of the week. It was a dry weekend though so we had to get out and about. We walked four miles on Saturday and yesterday we walked five and a quarter miles.

We revisited Hoffmaster State Park that we popped into last week when it was raining. This week the sun was shining when we arrived but still chilly!

It looks really pretty. There weren't too many people around though I imagine in the summer season the beach is packed. It is certainly very beautiful.

There is a trail that says it is a mile walk so we tried that one out first. Either we took a wrong turn or they were lying as it turned out to be 1.75 miles. Quite an up and down path.

With lots of trees roots to trip over!

After finishing that walk we decided to check out some more of the paths. There are quite a few. They weren't very clearly marked though and we got turned around several times. There were quite a few hills again.

We got so turned around we ended up walking up a massive hill - yes, really massive - more like a dirt covered sand dune.

We got to the top only to realise that there was no way down unless we wanted to go down the sand dune. Nope. So we had to turn around and walk all the way back down and find where we should have turned on the trail. That explains why the walk turned into a 5.25 mile walk! Phew. Glad to be home again but had fun walking while it wasn't raining!


  1. I agree with looks really lovely and the photo looking up the hill with the wide 'V' shape at the top is just gorgeous-x-

  2. Wow that did turn into a long walk, lovely to explore though I am sure even if you had to turn around a lot! You just got to see bits twice!

  3. You certainly got your exercise! But that's a lovely place to explore! Glad the weekend weather was conducive to walking.


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