Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rained Out!

What a weekend it's been! Yesterday when I woke up we had no television, no internet and no land line phone. Normally I wouldn't care so much (though I admit to missing at least the internet!) but Saturdays are my day to Skype with Mum. I couldn't ring her (the only reason I have the landline) as we don't have international calling on our mobile phones and, although I could send an email from my phone, I wasn't sure she would read it. We have different phone plans and lucky my hubby has unlimited data so I downloaded Skype on his phone and managed to talk with Mum! Phew.

Sunday is our normal day for walking. We set off in the car in the rain hoping we could get above the rain but unfortunately it followed us. We only managed a mile and a half as we were absolutely drenched.

We stopped at the Block House which is in Muskegon State Park. There's a great view from the top of the hill. I imagine on a clear day you can see for miles. Today, not so much. Quite windy too! Apparently the original building was built in the 1930s by federally funded workers in a make-work project during the great depression. In 1962 it was vandalised and burnt down and was rebuilt in 1964. 

Not sure if this was a part that was burnt down.

Our little walk was very hilly considering it was supposed to be an easy walk. I think we might have got on the wrong path!

I did see a group of four deer but I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo! The park was pretty deserted this week. We saw a group of about five people looking for Morel mushrooms.

This was the only fungus I saw! I think we'll be back and try the walk again but not for a couple of weeks. Next weekend we're off to visit daughter in Minnesota.


  1. Such a shame about the weather for your walk. I'll be glad when we have more than a couple of dry days in a row as you just don't know where you are from one day to the next.

    Hope you are back up and running with your internet and everything now-x-

  2. I have Skype on my computer, tablet and phone so I can be sure of getting through to our daughter in Japan.
    If my tv goes out I don't care, but oh do I miss the internet when it's down.

  3. Glad you were able to Skype with your mum, after all! Too bad the walk got rained out, but full marks for trying! I wouldn't have even gone out of the house, if it was raining!


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