Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lazy sort of day

It's been a lazy sort of day today. At least for me. Hubby and son were busy working at getting old construction materials into the skip we've rented. I Skyped Mum and spent the afternoon sorting through things to get rid of. I admit to not going at it in a head-on forceful way. More of a lazy way looking through magazines while watching some murder mystery on Netflix.  I'm finding it easier to part with much treasured crafty magazines. I am picking and choosing, narrowing things down. I think I will be running around next week dropping blankets off at animal rescue, books at the library and other goods at a charity shop. But it does feel good!

Something else that felt good? Finishing this.

I haven't enjoyed stitching it at all and I think it shows in the finished piece. I was determined to finish it though. It is one of those pieces I've had kitted up for a while. There was so much metallic work and I really disliked doing it. But it is finished! I am moving on to something I will enjoy stitching. If I come across a piece like this kitted up again I will be donating it.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. Those lazy sort of days can be restorative. Good job going through craft magazine; I find it so hard to get rid of magazines! I should start decluttering again; I've been doing a bit here and there, but not in a purposeful manner. The picture you stitched up looks nice! I think you did a good job. What are you going to do with it? Frame it?

    Hope you have a lovely day, tomorrow.

  2. Magazines....I am fine. Once they are done with they go in the recycling bag but my biggest downfall at the moment is craft books. I seem to be gathering quite a collection of them on the subject of sewing. It's The Works fault as they sell lovely books at discount prices and I just can't resist.
    The cross stitch picture is lovely and I think you have made a great job of it-x-

  3. Hope you enjoy your next stitching project a little more, although I think this one looks pretty, but I know what you mean that some things just don't suit do they.

  4. I've never got on well with stitching snowy scenes,perhaps it's the white. As for metallic threads - Aaaaaggggghhhhh!
    Well done on getting it finished.


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