Friday, May 19, 2017

Lazy Day and Five on Friday

Lazy day today.'s my birthday so I thought I'd go for an extra long walk, take a trip to the library (including the bookshop in the library) and have a nice bath while everyone is out of the house. Later I'm going out to eat with a couple of friends. I got my present last week as it was a mother's day/birthday gift - a new lense for my camera! I LOVE it!

It's Friday so I thought I'd join up with Tricky and Carly over at F.A.S.T - Family Attempting to Survive the Times for Five on Friday. It's not an exciting one, but I thoughts I'd share Five of my favourite photos I've taken from the last week. If you're a regular visitor you've probably seen some of these already.

Nice to see one of the babies today - haven't seen them all week, but I spotted two of them along with parents down at a quiet spot on the lake. Growing but those wings are still so tiny.

Spotted the muskrat again! Not such a clear photo as last time but glad I could see it again.

Had to include this one. Daughter's husky, Shasta, catching bubbles last Saturday at the husky walk.

So many huskies at the husky walk! Different shapes and sizes. They were all so well behaved! This one had two different colour eyes - really striking!

My favourite of the week - all the turtles in a row enjoying the warm sunshine. I thought about including the photo of the snakes, but decided not too - they still give me the creeps lol.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. My son's birthday is also the 19th! Happy birthday. Love the turtles all in a row. And enjoyed walking with you.

    Now...where's the cake you promised. Oh's hush, hush. Never mind!

  2. I hope you had a lovely birthday. It's mine tomorrow! All the activities you planned sound good. You'll have fun using the new camera lens gift from your Mum. You already take great photos and spot interesting sights. Love the turtles all in a row.

    1. Happy birthday Linda for tomorrow, hope you have a nice day. Cathy x

  3. Happy birthday! Wish you all the best.

  4. Love the photos, taken with your new lens? Love the turtles all in a row and the handsome dogs. Happy Birthday to you, have a lovely weekend:)

  5. Aww!! adorable baby duckling... And a very very happy birthday to you..

    Thanks for visiting my blog..

  6. I adore that first photo! All were great! Happy Birthday...glad you had a great day.

  7. Happy Birthday :) I love the picture of the turtles lining up - so cute.
    Fil @ Fil’s Place

  8. Happy Birthday! Wonderful photos! My favorite is the dog catching the bubble. Be sure and celebrate your birthday all weekend long, that's the rule for birthdays falling on Fridays ;)

  9. Happy Birthday Sharon, love your photos, they're all good. The turtles in a row brought a smile and the husky with his bubble. Enjoy the weekend, Cathy x

  10. Thought I'd send this reply here in case you didn't see it - All the best with your dentist visit. Maybe plan a treat afterwards or just try and focus on what you're doing the soon as you leave the dentist - that's how I cope with things I don't want to do. It can be really mundane, just reassuring to know 'YOU WILL BE LEAVING and not stuck there forever. Thanks for visiting, have a good week, Cathy x

  11. Great animal photos - congrats. Have a lovely Sunday!

  12. Great photos, especially all the turtles lined up! Ha! Hope you had a super birthday.

  13. I can never get enough photos of Shasta!


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