Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ah Peaceful!

Had a lovely weekend. The nights were quite chilly and I have amended my list of things to bring with us when we go for a week. My poor legs and feet were cold. I had trouble one night with the tendons in my bad foot and I don't think the cold helped with that. When we arrived on Saturday the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

This is the beach adjacent to our camp site. Absolutely gorgeous. We got in a 5.2 mile walk on Saturday. The forecast for Sunday called for rain but we woke up and it was still dry so we headed off on the hike we wanted to do that day. We just managed to get in the 7.2 miles and get back to camp when the rain started. So glad we did the walk in the morning! When it rained we headed into town and looked around some of the touristy shops and got something to eat (a treat!). By the time we got back to camp the rain was clearing and it turned out to be a glorious evening.

I'll post some more photos as I get them sorted. I loved spending time by the fire and walking along the beach at sunset. Nothing better and more peaceful. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!


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