Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rainy and Chilly

It's wet and cold again. Sigh. It seems to be raining more than ever lately. Sort of matches my mood today.

I'm glad I'm going on holiday next week. I really need a break from 'real' life, a few days away. I managed to talk a walk yesterday, but then got home and couldn't get warm. I ended up bundled up on the sofa feeling chilled and achy. Still feel a little off today. I hope I'm not coming down with anything! The up and down temperatures don't seem to help. My body can't decide if it should be warm or cold.

Got to see some turtles sunbathing yesterday. There were three of them but one must have had better hearing than the others as it slid into the water.

Got to see the babies again. There were only two. I hope this was a different set and not the ones I saw the other day as there were four babies then.

Hope your day is a little brighter and warmer than mine!


  1. Sorry you don't feel good, and hope a well for you vacation. My family live in Essex and Suffolk, but I'm in PA.

    1. Nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hope you soon feel better for your holiday. We have sunshine today but this blinkin' wind just keeps on blowin'......and it's not a warm wind either!

  3. Oh Sharon....I hope you are not coming down with something now you are due to be going away.

    I am waiting for the little mallard ducks to arrive. We have a group of adults that come from the fishing pond down the road to sunbathe on the front of our small estate. One lady duck with low morals....she has five male followers....the little I get very scared for them though as they tend to hang around right on the edge of the lane and we get some very heavy traffic through here-x-

  4. Sorry the weather is so dismal. I hope you are feeling better today and not coming down with anything.


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