Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dull day? Beach or Not?

The weather today is just not co-operating. Daughter is back from Chicago and we were going to take Shasta to the dog beach again but it looks like storms are coming. They 'might' clear up by mid-morning. I hope so. We were going to watch the sun set over the lighthouse tonight too but it looks like it might be too cloudy. Sigh. The only good thing is that tomorrow looks fine. Hubby is taking the day off work as it is his birthday and we're all going out for the day.

I have a few wildflowers growing in my garden now. Next year I think I'm going to plant something to attract more butterflies and maybe hummingbirds. My tomatoes in pots are growing and I have actual tomatoes that the deer haven't got to yet but it doesn't look like I'm going to get to taste them before I leave. The pots are sitting on my back deck so I don't forget to water them!

Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday - the days are just flying by!


  1. I think there's something magical about hummingbirds. I hope it's a lovely day tomorrow and you can enjoy your day out, happy birthday to your husband xx

  2. Do hope the storms clear so you can get to the dog beach. Is it still terribly hot?

    Enjoy your day out on Friday.

  3. Wouldn't it be fabulous if we could order the weather to be just what we want on a paticular day.
    Doing some laundry? Let's order a nice breezy day.
    Having a barbecue...OK that will be sun then please.
    My favourite would be a snuggly day with snow.

    Have a fab day out tomorrow-x-

  4. Hope the weather cleared so you could go to the dog beach and the lighthouse, too.


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