Monday, July 31, 2017

Felixstowe Fish and Chips

Arrived safely on Saturday. It's a long trip but week with it. Got to give Mum a real hug and not one shared over Skype. On Sunday we took it easy but went into Ipswich to Christchurch Park. It's a beautiful place to visit with a lovely Mansion on the grounds. Today we went to Felixstowe and I got some lively Fish and chips. There is absolutely nothing like sitting watching the waves crash on the beach and eating freshly fried fish and chips. I got so full I didn't have room for an ice cream!

No photos to share as I only brought my Kindle with me and have been using my camera. I'll have lots to share when I get back lol. Tomorrow I'll be off it with my sisters. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. It was nice and bright today. It was quite warm while we were eating our fish and chips but it was quite breezy.


  1. Fish and chips by the sea.....I can almost taste them-x-

  2. I've spent many an afternoon in Christchurch park, beautiful place. So glad you had a good flight, enjoy your time with your family xx

    1. It's a wonderful park. It was one if my favourites as a child. Many a rainy afternoon spent in the mansion

  3. Must visit Christchurch Park next time I visit UK. Enjoy!

  4. Fish and chips sounds wonderful! I'm sure your Mum was happy to be hugged in person!


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