Thursday, September 21, 2017 hot!

Who knew that late in September I'd be complaining that it was too hot? I am. Good thing hubby didn't take out the window air conditioner - we had it on most of the day yesterday and I've turned it on early this morning. It's not even 11am and it is 25c (77c) and will get up to 32c (90f). Yikes! It's supposed to be a hot few days - up to 91 tomorrow! I thought this was supposed to be September. I was actually looking forward to cooler temperatures. I'm having to rethink the whole menu as I was looking forward to turning the oven on and cooking some hot dinners. I am going to try to blow a little of the hot air in Mum's direction as she said it's been chilly and she's already had her heat on!

It is actually looking a little like Autumn in the woods. Some of the trees are changing colour and leaves are falling.

The other day I was talking about Christmas and gift giving. I have actually started buying some gifts. Shock! Horror! An early start especially for me. Daughter has a couple of games on her list that she swears and going to be hard-to-find so I picked those up. I'm also been giving some thought to homemade gifts. I think several of them are going to be photo gifts. I have a couple ideas for Mum, one for hubby and perhaps daughter. I have a bunch of prints on the way so hopefully I won't be making these gifts on Christmas Eve!


  1. The hot weather broke a record here yesterday and may well do so today reaching 95 F Officially Autumn on Friday but we will have to wait another week before a cold front arrives! We also need rain.

    Always looking for new games - which ones did your daughter want? Yes, I have started Christmas shopping. When I see something on sale and I have a coupon that's when I shop.

    How is your mum doing? Well I hope.

    1. Strange weather, isn't it? I was hoping the air conditioners could go for a while - cheaper bills before the heating hits.

      Daughter wanted a couple of 3ds games. I can't remember offhand what they are. She makes a wish list on Amazon so it's easier to pick from. Her birthday is 19th December so I'm trying to get ahead of the game.

      Mum is doing GREAT! I can't believe she's 81 now. Sometimes I forget and think she should be walking miles. She gets around really well, but I think she was a bit worn out when I left.

  2. Yes, I have had the heating on a couple of times in the evening too.

  3. They are lovely autumnal pictures. It does seem to have cooled down quickly here this year, but I am enjoying it (not so much the rain though) x

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