Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ouch My Back!

I think a combination of sitting too long travelling, lifting cases and bending about has done my back in! I bent down yesterday and OUCH! It's not good today either. Sigh. Got lots to do and now it hurts when I move. Oh well. I suppose things will still be waiting to be done when back is better. I don't want to mess it around too much as we're supposed to go camping overnight next weekend and I can't imagine crawling into a sleeping bag with a bad back.

Enough moaning.

Hubby hasn't done any walking since I've been gone and the weather was nice this morning, so despite the bad back, we headed out for a little walk along the beach. We had been planning a hike but I don't think I could manage climbing up sand dunes.

What a difference a few weeks makes! There were more seagulls on the beach than people.

Now I'm sitting in my chair with a heating pad on. Gives me a chance to sort through some photos and read some blogs that I've missed!


  1. My lower back has been giving me grief so I ordered a lower back cushion from amazon

  2. Hope your back pain gets better, soon.

  3. What a with your bad back and me with a wonky shoulder/neck.
    Hope your back eases before the weekend.

  4. Hope your back pain is better today. Have you had problems with flare ups in the past?

    1. It's feeling a little better - still a bit of a twinge though. I had a back problem at Christmas (after I bent and twisted)but nothing other than that. I think it is just a matter of getting older lol.


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