Monday, September 25, 2017

Summer or September?

Another hot one yesterday. I didn't fancy going up hills and such in the heat but we did get out and about for a walk along the beach. There were so many people about. It looked rather like mid-summer than late September! I rather like it a little quieter. It is supposed to cool down mid-week.

We stopped by a couple of lighthouses. One of them is in the middle of construction. They are replacing the stone walkway out to the lighthouses. Construction was supposed to be finished but it's not done. I think it's both a matter of money and the fact that Lake Michigan has been quite high that the boardwalk has been partially covered that it hasn't been completed. It's a beautiful landmark. I hope it gets finished soon!

The seagulls are starting to use it as a place to sit and watch the beach-goers.

This is the other one we visited - Big Red. Apparently it is one of the most photographed of the Michigan lighthouses. Have to say it isn't my favourite, but is another nice looking one.

Look at that blue sky! I think I caught the sun just walking as I noticed I was a little red when I got home. We didn't stay too long - I don't like sitting out in the sun and husband just turns as red as a beetroot - and we had to get back for son's get-together at my MILs.

I think after eating this I need to take an extra walk this morning!


  1. Both lighthouses have got appeal what a lovely place for a walk.

  2. Be still my beating heart....I have a thing about lighthouses and these two are just perfect.
    Looks a lovely place to be out and about in the sunshine.

  3. It looks like the height of summer! Lovely looking cake and ice cream xx

  4. The lighthouses are beautiful and look well-loved. Happy Birthday to your son! xx Karen

  5. my family goes for our mid year excursion. We prepare of time for the third week in August, so every part designs likewise.


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