Friday, September 22, 2017

Three Broken Things - Done

Mum always said broken things come in threes. I hope she's right. I don't need to break anything else!

Yesterday - toaster
Today - mug I bought for daughter arrived broken, tumble dryer broke

Sigh. Oh well, it could be worse!

At least the walk this morning was pretty - hot, but pretty.


  1. Appliances seem to have a very short life nowadays. Our very first toaster lasted for years but the replacement is touchy, when not in use we must unplug it. On the plus side they do not cost a lot if $$ - my mum always used the grill on the cooker for toast. Do people still do that or do they all have a toaster?

    Are you able to walk from where you live to the trail in the woods?

    1. I would LOVE to have a proper grill on my cooker but unfortunately they tend to be on the bottom, beneath the oven and I don't fancy crawling on the ground to cook anything! I wish they made them like Mum had - with the grill up the top. Would love some good old cheese on toast!

      I can walk to the woods - but in summer it's really hot and (honestly) I don't feel like it. I usually hop in the car and go before I go to the shops. It's cooler and quieter in the woods. Have a great weekend!

  2. It's always in 3's and when the 2nd one breaks I always worry about what's coming next.

    1. Sigh. Well, hopefully that's it then. No more breakages - at least for a while!

  3. Yes it seems everything comes in threes. You should be alright now for the foreseeable.


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