Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Crafty Books - Christmas??!

I've been sorting through my things a bit today. I must admit I brought back far more than I thought when I packed it. When it was all unloaded - yikes! I do admit to going a little crazy. One of my favourite places to shop when back in England is The Works. There are so many great books at really good prices, both fiction and non-fiction. The one in Ipswich also carries quite a few crafty goodies. There were so many books I could have picked up. I know they are a little heavy though so tried to be good and not bring too many back. I wish there was somewhere like it here in the US.

These are the craft books I ended up buying.

There were so many more I COULD have bought. These were priced between one and three pounds! Now that I'm back I have to put them to some use.

It's still fairly early - though this year is whizzing by - but I'm starting to think of Christmas. I know I need to think about what I'm going to make. Christmas cards are a given, but what about crafty gifts? I don't tend to make a lot of them, usually only for people who I know will appreciate them. I'd be interested in finding out what others make for the holidays - if anything. Are you already thinking of the holidays? Or, like me, do you tend to be last minute?


  1. Oh I love The Works for craft books.
    They can be really expensive so it's nice to find some at a reasonable price.
    I have been thinking about Christmas for weeks but the pace has hotted up now that it's gone cold and wet.
    Although I am taking up cardmaking again I won't be making Christmas cards this year as I bought a lot in the sale last year.
    I don't tend to make gifts but I do make decorations and things for my munchkins.

  2. We don't have The Works on the Island either so like you I stock up on a trip to the mainland. I always like to make a small gift for each family member along with a shop bought gift. I also like to make cards, tags, toppers and decorations as additions. Yes Christmas has certainly started in this household.

  3. I make a few of the gifts I give, mostly for my husband and daughter.

  4. That's a lovely selection of books you've found there, I may have to pop in our local one for a look about. I've started on a couple of crafting Christmas presents... I just hope I finish them in time xx

  5. Glad you found some crafts books you could bring back.

    Never too early to plan gifts for Christmas! I will probably have 50 people on my gift list, again, this year. :) I make a lot of craft gifts and/or jams, etc. Craft gifts I have made in previous years have included knitted scarves, patchwork table runners, placemats, cushion covers, wall hangings, banners, embroidered T-shirts, decorated journals, etc. Daughter has given hand-painted mugs, ear-rings and necklaces made of clay then baked and painted, crocheted soft toys, painted boxes, etc.

  6. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!



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