Monday, October 30, 2017

Christmas Crafting - albums

I've actually got a good start on the photo albums I'm planning on giving for Christmas so I thought I'd share a peek. They aren't anywhere near to being done - photos need to be added and embellishments, but the bare bones are done. I feel like I might actually get them done in time and not be working on them right up until Christmas.

This first one is going to be for my Mum. It will have photos of her great-grandchildren that I took while I was over this summer. It's a flip album. I love the cover paper. I ended up sending away for it from I was really pleased with both their shipping cost and how speedy my order got to me.

I'm actually not sure what I'll be using this one for. I really liked the paper set and I was on a roll so I decided to make it. I might end up putting some of our trip photos in it. I have two other 'made' mini-albums that I'll take photos of tomorrow and share.

I'm feeling ahead of the game!


  1. Such a wonderful gift, inspirational.

  2. You are organised. I love the design, the 3 monsters, so cute xx

  3. They look fantastic Sharon.
    Love the monsters.

  4. They are going to be cherished gifts when you add the pictures and complete them.

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