Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Too Much Stuff or House Not Big Enough?

Either I have too much stuff or my house is not big enough. I'm afraid it is probably the first. The number of people living in our house has gone down but there seems to be a lack of space. I, I know, it's me. I have a problem with books, magazines and crafty stuff.

I'm not sure why I feel the need to have as many physical books as I do. I accumulate a lot because, for some reason, I seem to think that if I don't get it when I see it I might not get it at all. Most of the books are used. I don't buy many brand new. Most are bargains (maybe that's part of the problem too). Some I even have on my Kindle, yet I still have the actual book too. There's something wrong with that! I can't seem to rid myself of the 'need' to actually have real books.

Regarding the crafty stuff - now that I have my own room it is out of the way, but I was looking today and I have so much yarn and cross stitch stuff that I'll never be able to use the whole lot. I've had myself on a no-new-cross-stitch ban for a while but I'm adding yarn to that - no matter how good the bargain, or how lovely it looks. Paper pads - the same. No new paper pads!

I can do this. I'm going to give myself a number of books to get rid of for the month and stick to it.  For now, on the crafty stuff I'm going  to put myself on a limited buying ban. A limited ban as there are things such as glue and tape I'll need to complete Christmas gifts. Crafty magazines I'm going to sort through, re-organise, donate, sell or recycle.

Surely I'm not the only one? That's the end of my whinge for the day!

On a good note - we got the first phase of our new windows done. We got the living room and one of the dining room windows done. We're getting done as the budget allows. The two large picture windows (one in dining room & one in kitchen) and the smaller kitchen window will be done in the Spring. I'm so excited to have them done! Our old windows were REALLY old and oddly styled. The new windows are a cleaner, simpler style and it's lovely sitting here looking out.


  1. You are not alone in having more stuff than house! I have the same problem! I have put myself on a book diet, a crafts supplies diet (unless I need something to finish a project), an office supplies diet, etc. Still have too much!

    Glad to hear you have started replacing your windows. Enjoy the view from the new ones.

  2. Our house is small and not helped at all by my stash of crafty stuff.
    Luckily all the recent craft purchases will be leaving the house on December 25th as they are all for Ruby.
    These days I only keep books I know I will read again and I have regular clearouts of magazines.
    Just need a really good sewing session now to reduce the bulk of fabric stash.

  3. Oh dear-I think we are all cut from the same cloth. I have been sewing like a demon trying to use up all the Christmas fabric and benefit my friend's charity. I am a staionery fiend and a buttonaholic! Happy days. Catriona

  4. We have just down sized so had to have a major clear out, it is amazing how quickly the stash grows. Anything craft related that is a bargain seems to make its way into our cottage.

  5. So nice to get new windows and a good incentive to keep them clean! Haha! Reminds me that mine need a good cleaning right now. I am a hoarder of books and fabric, too. I won't allow myself to go into the charity shops any longer until I downsize my stash. I actually did box up some books and donated them this summer but I still need to do more. The fabric is harder to part with :) I like your plan.....xx Karen

  6. I have the same problem! I have put myself on a book diet, a crafts supplies diet (unless I need something to finish a project), an office supplies diet, etc. Still have too much!

    doctor strange (2016)

  7. I do sometimes think how much tidier our house would be without all my crafty bits and pieces, unfortunately I get nearly as much pleasure shopping for it as doing it xx


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