Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dreary Saturday

Another cold and dreary day today. We went for a walk this morning and I've had trouble getting warm since.  I'm sitting with my jumper and sweats on complete with blanket and heating turned up. Brrr. We went for a walk in a place called Bishop's Bog Trail. I should have known from the name what to expect. The trail is unique - a sort of floating platform made from some sort of plastic slats that have holes in them. The platform moves as you walk and bog water spurts up through the holes. We've had so much rain that when we walked on the platform it got soaked in water so deep my feet (I was wearing hiking boots) got a little wet. My jeans were pretty wet too from spurting water.

It was quite an interesting walk but I don't think we'll be going back until it's a little drier!

Later I Skyped with Mum. I didn't think my computer was going to co-operate, but at the last minute (literally) I got Skype to let me sign in. I planned on maybe getting some crafting done this afternoon, but got caught up in a book. I am managing to do some knitting while watching Grimm. Hubby and I just started watching it. Curtains are closed, lights are on, and the rain and cold are out where we can't see them.

Here's hoping Sunday is warmer and sunnier!


  1. Sounds like an interesting walk, such a shame you got wet. Its always hard to get warm after a soaking.

  2. Almost as cold here yesterday but with a cold wind so things got dry.
    That walk sounds interesting - almost like needing sea legs on a boat!

  3. Glad you had proper boots on and not trainers. Hope you go back and post pictures when it is not so wet.

    Glad you got to Skpe with your mum. Will this be the first visit with your daughter since returning from your UK holiday?

  4. We were out and abut in a surprisingly nice day yesterday although the wind was cold.
    Looks like today is the same but I've not been out yet.

    The moving path would terrify


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