Thursday, October 12, 2017

Looking a lot like Autumn...

It's beginning to look and feel like Autumn! It rained all day yesterday - yuck - and was rather chilly. I ended up closing the one window I had open. Today the rain cleared but no sunshine so still feeling a little chilly. I actually got out my cardigan yesterday!

The woods are even starting to look seasonal!

After our walk on Sunday we stopped by a farm shop. I love seeing all the pumpkins and gourds. They are all so very colourful!

Now that the cooler weather is coming (and so is Christmas!) I got up in my craft room and started off on the album I want to make hubby for Christmas.

I've got the covers and the binding done. The basic pages are ready to be mounted. I've got to pick out what finishing papers will go on the pages. It did feel good to get back creating something again. I think when I've got the basic book done I'll work on putting the one for my Mum together. I don't have many children's papers so either I'll have to go get some or maybe just use brightly coloured blank colours. I'll give it some thought! At least I've got started!


  1. Very chilly here tonight so it's fluffy socks and a hot water bottle for me tonight.
    I'd love to see the album when it's done.

  2. Temperatures are dropping here too. I hope you share some of your album hen it is done.

  3. Definitely looks like autumn is on its way, over there. :)


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