Monday, January 22, 2018

Dreary Monday

Well, the sunshine is over and it is dreary again. The temperature is up but it was dreary and wet today. Yesterday was dreary and really foggy here, but we went a couple hours north and it wasn't quite as foggy. Had a lovely walk out on the beach and managed to walk on a lot of ice to the lighthouse. Wow! What a view.

How magnificent is that? We even managed to see some blue ice which was kind of a weird thing to see. 

Today I went to get loo roll and spent the rest of the day inside. It was too wet to walk and my ankle was putting up a fit anyway so a good day to rest up. I actually managed to get some crafting done. Still haven't quite finished the wildlife journal as I'm waiting to find one last blue heron photo. Can't seem to find it anywhere. I'll have to get another printed. 

I started off with three coloured images but only managed to get two cards done. Spent too much time looking for that darned photo.

I also caught up on my travel journal (such as it is lol) and this other little journal which includes a really cute CURRENTLY page.

Before tea I spent a really small amount of time cross stitching. The piece I'm working on it on my to-finish-this-week pile but I don't know. Sigh. The daylight is still too short and the light here in the living room isn't the greatest. I keep meaning to buy a different light bulb but forget. Hubby and I watched the new Vera episode after eating and between talking with daughter who was trying to do her taxes by herself for the first time lol and needed help! The house is quiet again and I'm trying to get rid of a headache. Taxes always seem to give me one!


  1. Wow! Look at all that ice on the lighthouse! You know you'll find the photo of the blue heron the minute you print out another one! :D

  2. Oh my that ice is incredible. I agree, you will probably find it when you are not looking for it. I like the cards too

  3. Very dreary here too Sharon. I'm so glad I have my sewing to cheer things up a bit.
    The lighthouse photo is stunning.

  4. Wow, the ice was incredible hat an amazing photo.

  5. Very dreary here, too. Rain and wind for days. I agree with all the others - that ice on the lighthouse is amazing! Love your crafting - hope you find the heron photo. Hugs xo Karen


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