Friday, January 5, 2018

Five on Friday - Week in Review

It's been a while since I  joined in but one of my New Year's goals was to blog a little more so I thought it would be a great time to jump back in. Five on Friday is hosted by Family Attempting to Survive the Times. I thought I'd share five things on my mind this week.

1. Weather.

It's truly terrible. We've had a lot of snow and cold. Today was -2F when I woke up (is that even a thing?!) which is about -18C. The wind chill was even colder. I am tired of being inside. It's kind of funny (in a strange not humouress way) that the news is concentrating on the storm coming to the east coast. It's just a matter of ordinary weather here. I suppose that's the difference. I am counting the days down until Spring.

The sun was actually shining yesterday! Still really cold but the sun made me feel better. Certainly better than our Sunday out. 

2. Reading

When it's this cold out the best thing to do (but makes me feel a little lazy!) is to curl up with a good book. I have far too many to read, but I need to finish my library books first. This is what I'm reading now. 

It's a really good book. A murder mystery. I'm really enjoying it. 

3. Journals

I want to do something with all the photos I've been taking so I'm starting on a couple of books for me. One is photos of different walks and the other is wildlife photos I've been taking. I plan on doing a few pages/anecdotes per day. 

4. Cardmaking

I made a couple of quick ones this morning. I have a lot of things already stamped and papers that need to be used up so I thought I'd make some cards. I really enjoy it and it will be nice to have a few on hand. 

I must be in a blue sort of mood. 

5. Cleaning up

Nope. Not showing you a photo of my messy house lol. This week was a week getting things back to their usual. Everybody is back at work, back in their towns/houses. My house is looking somewhat tidier. Really quiet though. 

I hope everyone is having a good week. I've been participating more on Instagram - different photos I've been taking. Lots of snow photos lol.  Sharon's Instagram


  1. I don't envy you that cold weather but nice to be able to keep yourself busy with some great projects. Love the journals and cards.

    1. I keep telling myself that we're one day closer to Spring. It's not so much the cold that bothers me but when it snows and the roads are bad I start to feel a little trapped inside!

  2. Staying indoors, reading, making cards and journals, and a little cleaning up sounds like a perfect way to spend time when it is so cold outside, Sharon. I like how you are easing into the new year. :)

  3. Nope, I'm not showing mine either...LOL. I like your journals it's a great idea and the cards are nice too.

  4. I love to curl up with a good back. My local library is closed until March. It is being extended and turned onto a Community Hub. I plan to make a lot more use of it when it reopens,

    1. Oh my goodness! It would be tough having the library closed until then. Hopefully when they reopen they will have lots of new books!

  5. I haven't seen any snow yet, but rain every day !! In the Ardennes it had snowed but not very much. I am longing for spring !!

  6. Like the blue on the cards. It's been cold here but I am sort of glad to have some of our "normal" Missouri cold this winter, hoping it means good (bad) things for the pesky bugs this spring/summer. Not complaining about the warmer weather we are supposed to have next week though, not one bit. Hope you are staying warm and cozy this weekend!

    1. I hope this year there aren't as many bugs around - seems like we had a bunch of horrible deer flies. Those things bite me like crazy! Daughter in Minnesota had a horrible tick year too.

  7. Dear Sharon,
    I like your postcards. I have also made some cards for Christmas. After that I gave them for my best friends.
    Thank you for visiting.
    Have a nice weekend!


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