Monday, January 8, 2018

Start of a New Week

I'm not looking forward to this week, at least not the beginning of the week. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I'm really stressed about it. I don't just get nervous, I get really, really nervous and stressed - my stomach hurts, I have nightmares and when I start to think about it I find my breath catching in my throat. My friend asked if I'd like to just be knocked out - yes please, wake me up when it's done. On the plus side the temp is (just) above freezing so the roads will all be cleared off and I won't have to stress about driving in the snow as well as the dentist. I'm such a chicken.

Anyway today I'm trying to keep myself busy. I have FINALLY finished my first stitching of the year. I'm so pleased with it. I have to wash it and frame it but the stitching part is done.

I've pulled out another UFO as my next finish.

It's a Margaret Sherry design that came with a calendar years ago. So many years I can't even remember! I had a copy of the pattern but it was pretty unreadable so I had to hunt up the original. Then I found out the baggie full of floss I'd been keeping with the pattern wasn't actually the floss needed for the pattern. I have no clue what happened to the floss or what pattern the baggie of floss I've held on to actually belongs to. 

I'm glad I actually organised all my floss last year - despite the time it took! - as finding floss needed for the pattern wasn't tough at all. A lot better than going out and buying more.

I did work on a couple of pages for my albums/journals too.

Dinner is already made - chili in the slow cooker. Middle son is supposed to be coming up today. He stayed home yesterday as the weather was bad. Freezing rain this time.


  1. It is always a joy to see the albums/journals. They are inspirational. Hope all goes well at the dentist.

  2. What a precious needlework and I love your beautiful albums. I hate that feeling of panic - I get it when I have to drive on the freeway. I hope the dentist visit goes smoothly and you have a nice visit with your son. xx

  3. Good job on completing an UFO! I really like your album idea. I have pictures in bags...(sad face)...I should do that! We had chicken and rice. Chicken soup tomorrow.

  4. I love the cross stitch of the little girl.
    There really should be some album making going on here. I have masses of pictures but they are all on USB sticks and need printing but I'm not sure if the printer works any more and I don't want to buy a new one really. I'll shove that to the bottom of the list for now and think about it another day.

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