Saturday, March 6, 2021


 Thanks for all the lovely messages yesterday. We can certainly use all the good thoughts, prayers and such that are available. 

Mum had a bit better day today. She did eat some and asked to have a Sunday Roast tomorrow - good sign I hope. I really hope things look brighter, but I'm beginning to realise there will be up days and down days. There have just seemed to be more down days for Mum lately but hoping for a turn to brighter days. 

It was cold here today, but bright and sunny. We went out for a little while. It's the first Saturday of the month and, for my online camera club, we usually do something called #1day12pics. The idea is that you take a series of pictures from throughout your day. I am determined to do one each month with a different theme. I like getting out and taking photos. It makes me forget about things for a little while. Today I decided the theme would be Textures. 

While looking around my garden I was so excited to see that little purple flower. The snow has barely melted (in some places it hasn't) but the little flower was coming up. It is so tiny, smaller than my little fingernail but so welcomed!

I hope everyone had a good Saturday. 


  1. I hope your Mum continues to improve. Her asking for a Sunday roast does sound very encouraging! Lovely pictures, too - is that flower a gentian violet, I wonder?

  2. That first little splash of colour after a cold, bleak season is the most exciting think in the world, isn't it?

  3. Great set of photos. Is that with AYWMC?

  4. Hope your Mum continues to improve, so good that she is eating again. Beautiful photos.

  5. I saw some peeks of green in my bulb garden too.


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