Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Tuesday Mutterings

Thanks for the comments!

Eileen T. - Yes, #1Day12Pics is through AYWMC (A Year with My Camera). I completed the course in 2017. It's how I learned to use my camera properly. I continued on with EDPS Camera Club (Emma's paid camera club). I was one of the first people who joined the club so got a really great lifetime membership. We still do the monthly #1Day12Pics. Any large project I had in mind got put to the backburner when Mum got sick. I can't seem to concentrate or make plans about much of anything. I am going to try to do this monthly project though with a different theme each month.

The days have been plodding along. I haven't been getting much of anywhere. Mum is still the same. The doctor is going to prescribe some anti-depression pills as they seem to think that is part of the problem. I suppose if you go from being independent to not being able to do the simplest things it might make you a little depressed. Hoping this will help. 

I've been out enjoying the sunshine. Walking a lot - too much probably. Yesterday I had a headache that wouldn't stop and ended up having to go to bed early. I hate the ones like that. I end up feeling sick and just can't bear to move. The only thing that seems to help is sleep. 

Thursday is supposed to be a rainy day so I have a list of things that I've been putting off that I need to get done that day. No excuses! I have to play catch-up. On a good note the library is opening again and with it the bookstore. I shouldn't be shopping there but it's been a whole year! I also have boxes of books to donate. You have to call to make an appointment and I put it off for the few weeks they were open and accepting donations. They need to go! I definitely won't miss the books. They have been packed up in boxes for months and (apart from the space they are taking up) I haven't given them a thought!

All being well I am going to Skype with Mum tomorrow. I hope she's well enough. I've got some fun news to share. Apologies to my wonderful MIL who I haven't told either but who reads this blog (I just sent an email and forgot to tell her). 

Some of my photos and a small article got published in a free local magazine! I lack confidence and doing this was really a big step for me (so much so I didn't tell anyone and my poor stomach ached for days). Hopefully this is the first of me putting myself out there. I do want to work on some wildlife cards too. 


  1. Congratulations! How wonderful to have your photos and article published!

  2. Hopefully the anti depressant medication will help. Congratulations on the publication of your amazing photos, well done.

  3. We found that anti depressants helped my Mum quite a lot at times. I hope they have the same positive impact on your mum.
    Sending love

  4. Good news on being a published author! Hope the anti depressants help your Mum feel better - they do work well but take a while.

  5. Congratulations. Believe in yourself, I think you capture some of the best little critter faces I've ever seen. Your landscapes are amazing as well.


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