Monday, March 29, 2021


 It wasn't a bad weekend. The weather yesterday wasn't that good but it is still spring time however lucky we've been to have such nice days lately. There were even - gasp - snow flakes! Luckily today was bright and sunny and a breezy. I had a dentist appointment early - yuck - that I've been dreading for days. I, of course, survived it. I just get so anxious. I went for a later walk today. I usually take anxiety medicine before going to the dentist and it tends to leave me really sleepy. I was hoping the walk would wake me up a little bit but I still fell asleep in the afternoon! So really not a lot got done today. 

A little bit of positive news - so keep your fingers crossed - but Mum has been doing a tiny walk with her walker - just across the living room floor, but she's been moving a little bit! It's more than she's been doing for weeks. I am so hoping this is a good sign. I shall be Skyping with her on Wednesday again so I shall see then. 

Photo today: - another sign of spring - turtles!


  1. The news about your Mum sounds more positive. Hopefully she's reached a turning point and you'll see more improvements now.

  2. So glad to hear the positive news about your Mum. Glad you made it through the dentist visit, too. :)


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