Friday, March 19, 2021

Week Done

 Friday again. 

Feeling a little more productive towards the end of the week. I've been trying my hardest not to be distracted so I don't have to think. Honestly I think that keeping busy doing things stops me from having to think as much but it's not as fun as daydreaming or photography. 

I did get some tidying up of my craft room done this week though there is a lot more to be done. I did make time to actually do some crafty stuff as well as just sorting. 

A couple of cards to add to the card box. I also worked on a mini-album I started a while ago. I was doing so well using some paper pads and then, well, then life happened. I found that I really enjoyed working on the album and I had more in the works so I shall be sorting out the papers and starting on them.

Things to be thankful for this week:-

* Skype with Mum on Wednesday

* Sunshine

* Chatting with daughter (even if she did keep nagging me to get something done - which I did get done in the end lol).

* Walking with Joanie, my walking friend. 

* Sister, for taking care of Mum when I can't be there and keeping in contact with me about all that's going on. 

* First vaccine dose


  1. These are such strange times aren't they. One day this will all be over and we will look back with disbelief. I would never have even dreamed that such a situation could arise. All we can do is keep plodding onwards and stay safe. Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. A lovely blog post, thanks very much.

  3. Your cards are so pretty! I especially like the birthday card!

  4. Beautiful cards Sharon, I know how hard it is to focus on tasks when you are worrying. Hope all is well with your Mum.


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