Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Sunny Wednesday

 Halfway through the week again. Wow it's been a year since lockdown began! I remember the whole toilet paper thing in the states around this time, chatting with Mum and laughing about it with her and then it hit England. It's my oldest sister's birthday today. She turned 60 last year and they managed to go out for a family meal before lockdown just a couple of days later. We didn't know then how long things were going to take. 

I Skyped with Mum today. Sadly she doesn't seem to be doing any better. She knew who I was but she didn't realise where I was. Very confused. My sister (middle one is the one she's staying with) says they think it is Covid Delirium. Never heard of it. I had to actually Google it and the symptoms do sound like Mum with confusion and perhaps hallucinations. Last week she thought something was dripping on her head and neck and got quite upset about it. I don't know where things will go from here. I enjoy chatting with her, but I also feel a sense of sadness afterwards as she's not how she used to be and I know that she'd be so upset with how she is now. I'm not sure how to reconcile that. 

Deep Breath.

Positive Things: 

- The sun has been shining A LOT! It is very nice to see the sun. It makes me feel a little bright. 

- I got my first Covid vaccination! Who knew that getting a vaccine could make you so excited? I got the Pfizer one. I had a sore arm in the evening but that was it. In three weeks time I go back for my second one. I registered at several places and have since heard from another so maybe things are starting to get moving. 

- I listened to the lovely song recommended by a reader - Amanda. The song is Red-Winged Blackbird by James Keelaghan. It's a wonderful song and so reminded me of the bird. 

A lovely sunrise silhouette from Sunday morning. Husband and I were going out for our Sunday Adventure when I saw the sun rising and had him pull over into the park where I was each weekday morning. What a wonderful start to the day!


  1. That's a beautiful sunrise! Glad you were able to get your first dose of the vaccine and haven't had any side effects, other than the sore arm. I'm sorry to hear your Mum isn't doing any better. This must be so hard for you and your sisters. I continue to keep you all in my prayers for good health.

  2. It is so very hard for everyone when a loved one deteriorates to such a degree. Sending you my love.

  3. Beautiful. That is tough, knowing what is best for our elderly loved ones. You don't quite understand unless you've lived it. Hugs to you.


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