Thursday, October 28, 2021

Busy Busy Busy and Sigh - not the best news

 Tomorrow we say goodbye to Jane. It will be just our family - me, hubby, two sons and daughter, MIL and FIL. We will miss her a lot. 

This is a photo of Jane along with a bunch of lighthouse photos I took. She really loved lighthouses and inspired me to start visiting them 

We've been really busy this week starting to sort out her house. Jane was a collector/hoarder and though her house is clean it is filled to the brim with things. The house has three bedrooms, a family room and a full basement. It is full. We have got a skip/dumpster delivered so it is easier to get rid of things. She was a teacher and a genealogist and has a lot of books and papers and research. It really is quite overwhelming. Daughter has been a great help this week. 

Between MIL, myself and daughter we managed to get 5 large black rubbish bags of clothes out of the house for donation and 18 black bags of rubbish for the skip!!! I am pretty sure this is going to take us at least six months to clear the house. We are all really tired after just one week!

Although I was hoping there would be no more bad news this year my sister tells me that my neice (who is pregnant), her husband and one of their children have Covid. Please keep them in your thoughts. So far the 17month old is negative as is my sister and her husband (who hopefully have a bit more immunity as they had covid at the beginning of the year along with Mum). The adults have all had their vaccinations so hopefully they will only have mild cases. It is such a worry though. 


  1. Sounds like cleaning up your husband's aunts house is going to keep you busy for some time! Reading about it makes me look around my house and wonder what I can get rid of now, in order to make it easier for my daughter, later on!

    But, the layout you did of her and the lighthouses is really lovely!

    I'm sorry to hear about your niece and her family; hopefully, they will only have mild cases and will recover, soon.

    Enjoy your daughter's company while she's there visiting. Hope the funeral goes smoothly, tomorrow, and you and daughter can spend some mother/daughter time together before she has to go back.

  2. A friend of mine has just had to empty her late brothers one bedroomed house and it took her a fortnight. You have a heckuva lot more work to do than she did so I feel your pain. Don't overdo it though or you will wear yourself out.

  3. I hope the funeral goes smoothly and you have the chance to say your goodbyes to a much loved aunt.

    I wish you luck with clearing out her home. It won't be an easy task but with time and support it will be get done. I speak from experience on this!

    So sorry to hear about your niece and her family and I wish them all a speedy recovery. I heard exactly the same news about my niece -she has Covid as do her husband and young daughter. Only the youngest child has stayed covid free for now.

  4. I think you are absolutely right, it takes longer to clear a place than one expects, especially if it's done thoughtfully rather than a blanket 'in the bin' approach.
    My thoughts for your niece and family and also for you at this difficult time.


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