Friday, October 22, 2021

Just Everyday

I thought today would be one where I wouldn't accomplish anything. The three month anniversary is today. When Mum passed we had a memory page made, so today I left another memory there. I think it helps. It's like talking to her. My sister had left one too. I know she is missing Mum. She was her primary caretaker and the one who visited her in her bubble all this past year plus with Covid. I know she has people supporting her. I worry about her. I think the one good thing - if there is one - to come from Mum passing is that my sister and I have strengthened our relationship. There is more to her than I ever thought or imagined. I think she feels a little responsible for me as I am the baby in the family :)

Sister sent me flowers yesterday to cheer me up after Aunt's passing. We had talked about Aunt often. Although my Mum had only met Aunt Jane (she is on my husband's side) a handful of times, Aunt Jane had sent my Mum cards every Christmas and when Mum had cancer she sent her cards to send her well wishes. I think I remember seeing one Aunt Jane had sent Mum after she had Covid this past January (before Jane fell ill).  Mum always asked after her. 

On a house note, as I mentioned at the begining of the post, I thought I wouldn't get anything done (except household regulars that I am managing to keep up with) but I was watching telly and decided to take a break and pulled out just a small storage box. I threw out quite a lot in it, silly things I was holding onto - not sure why. Makes me feel as though I've sorted something lol. 

I think tomorrow I might - might! - sort through one of the boxes I put things into when I came back from England. Daughter is coming on Sunday and I'd like to share some of the photos I brought back. 

Laugh of the day - funny squirrel. A little baby. I have photos of the Mum with baby and another with babies, but one day this one ventured into the garden by itself. 


  1. (((HUGS))) Sharon. I think your mother would be happy to know that you and your sister have formed closer bonds after her death. Beautiful flowers! Well done on sorting through that one box! That's the best way to get things one - one box at a time. :)

  2. The baby squirrel is so cute ... great photo.

    Well done on making a start by decluttering the storage box. Every little helps and that feeling of being productive boosts you to continue.

    Enjoy your time with your daughter this weekend xx

  3. I'm sorry you are going through so much. So sad your Aunt has passed so soon after your Mum. She sounds like a lovely lady.(I read about her in your last post)
    We have lots of squirrels here but I've never seen a baby, adorable. We had an Albino squirrel for a couple of years but haven't seen it for a while now.
    I'm sure the visit with your daughter will lighten your spirits. Have a good weekend.
    Jo in Wisconsin.

  4. I'm the baby too. I know what you mean about feeling like you have a stronger relationship since your mum's passing. My siblings and I are the same, like it's an "us against the rest" kinda thing. I also "get" what you mean about sorting. I try my hardest to do something I can't stand doing and then reward myself with something fun. I know, it's the little things...ahahah


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