Monday, September 25, 2023

Nice Weekend

The weather was quite nice at the weekend. It was middle son's birthday on Saturday so we went to visit him, took him out to eat and then we all went down to the beach and watched the sunset over the lighthouse. It was really quite beautiful.

It was quite unseasonably warm so there were lots of people around. 

Sunday, husband and I took a little drive further up the Lake Michigan shoreline and took another little walk on the beach. I was quite tired out by the time we were done! It was just a little walk, but the weather was nice again so it was good to get out. 

Phone photo - from behind the lighthouse. It was actually quite windy while we were out there! 

When we got home later I didn't do a lot. Sat in my chair and dozed. 

Today I went for a little walk. I sat more than I walked, but by the time I had done the food shopping I was pretty tired - again! I did do a couple of small things that I wanted to get done. 

Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment - rescheduled from last week when I cancelled it. I also have to think about starting to pack. I will be leaving for daughter's on Wednesday afternoon. I am going to be dog sitting next weekend while she and her husband go away for a couple of nights for his brother's wedding. Then I shall be spending an extra week before coming back. I am planning on taking my computer and camera - as long as I can fit it all in! 

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I'm still playing catch-up but I am getting more caught up, 


  1. What a lovely weekend. That sunset photos is stunning.
    Good luck with all the packing and have a lovely time with your daughter.

  2. That sunset photo is beautiful! Happy belated birthday to your son! Do take it easy while you are recovering. Have a lovely time visiting your daughter!


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