Friday, September 22, 2023

The End of the Week

Must say that I'm glad the week is over. Sigh. I haven't been that productive this week. I have managed a little walk each day, but I seem to get tired out still. I'm just taking it a little bit at a time. Not sure if it's a side effect of the Covid, but my eyes seem to be a lot more sensitive to bright light and today they are feel quite sore/tired/heavy. I heard on the news today that we are going to be able to get some more free Covid tests so I shall be ordering more. It was nice to be able to use a few of the ones we had on hand to test ourselves over the last couple of weeks.  

I didn't get to say much about my trip home to visit England. I had a really great time with my sister. We both like walking and there were several days we walked ten miles or so. It was lovely. We ate too much ice cream, drank a lot of wine and generally had a lovely time. 

I did get to see my other sister and my BIL. He seems to be doing well. He has a really positive attitude regarding his cancer diagnosis. He had a scan and his doctor's appointment while I was there, and the good news is that the tumours are shrinking. He has to wait for another scan where his other smaller tumours are before they decide what course of treatment will be next. So positive news. I think he's bored staying home all the time. He's a lorry driver and used to be gone from Mon-Fri. The place he works for has said that, once he's feeling well enough, he can have a job in the yard if he wants one. My other sister says that every time she talks to him, or drives him to his treatment, he's always concerned about other people. That's just the kind of man he is. 

Photos for today - Ice Creams. Don't know how many I ate lol. I'm pretty sure I walked them all off! 

If it's a normal ice cream it HAS to have a chocolate flake. Best flavour - Rum and Raisin. Had to take the photos quickly as they melt fast!

There were lots more. Lol. 

Hopefully back tomorrow. 

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  1. I think the tiredness will last a little longer. I know my daughter felt tired for quite a long time. Those ice creams look delicious! Now, I'm wanting an ice cream cone! :D


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