Tuesday, September 26, 2023


I packed my bags and in them I put...well, a lot of stuff lol. No, I actually haven't packed yet. I'm a procrastinator. Who else leaves packing until the last minute? I do have a suitcase upstairs and I do have a few things in it. I'm trying to decide what to take. It's supposed to be cool, but with a couple of warm/hot days but daughter keeps the house rather cool. I suppose I worry too much that I won't take the right stuff. I suppose if all else fails I can pick up a couple of cheap items while there but I really don't want to. I also have a bunch of stuff I brought back from England for daughter. 

Usually, I wouldn't be putting a suitcase on the plane for a trip to daughters, but I really want to take my long lens for my camera and that needs to be taken on the plane. So, any camera accessories will be taking up my hand luggage items. I am planning on several trips to the wildlife refuge. I also want to take some pregnancy photos of daughter and her husband which requires a different lens. I suppose at least I'm organised with the camera accessories lol. 

I went out for a little walk today. It was quite pleasant. I also had my haircut. My hairdresser said I was the fourth client she'd had with Covid. Apparently, it's on the rise again. This afternoon it started raining and raining. I'm not sure it will stop before the morning so maybe not a walk tomorrow. We shall see. 

I also watched/listened to a really inspiring Webinar through the Sheclicks Facebook group. This is a large, very supportive group of female photographers. The webinar was on Multiple Exposure, something I've been playing around with for a while. The talk made me want to get out there and take more! I'm hoping to take some while away. 

I understand this isn't for everyone, but it's something I enjoy. 

This was an in-camera multiple exposure - three I think. The lighthouse. Some Waves. Sand. I want to try more out of camera multiple exposures but that means coming to grips with photoshop. YIKES. 


  1. That's an interesting photo with the multiple exposures. I'm sure you'll have your suitcase packed in good time for your flight! Pack a couple of extra sweaters and a t-shirt or two and you can layer up or strip down as needed! Enjoy yourself and have fun!

  2. I get things out and lay them all on the spare bed, packing right at the end. Works for me anyway. :-)


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