Monday, April 25, 2016

Beautiful day here again on Sunday. We took a trip up to the next lighthouse on our list. It was at Muskegon in Michigan, probably about an hour and a half away from us. It was quite chilly as it is near the lake but there were quite a few people out walking.

There are actually three lights here. They are known as The Muskegon Lights.

It was quite a walk out to the one we walked to. A little scary as there are no guard rails. Also there were a couple of (clearly marked) holes - yup, holes - through to the water. There were certain spots I clung on to hubby's hand quite tightly!

This is the 'pier' we walked along. You can see just how choppy the water is on one side and really calm on the other. I made sure I stayed on the calm side as it wasn't too deep either! The beach here is just gorgeous. The sand reminded me of the sand at Yarmouth. I imagine in the summer it gets really busy but there was quite a big car park. The only bad thing - the lighthouse wasn't actually open as it isn't quite the season. Well worth a visit though!

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