Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WOYWW April 20th

It's Wednesday again so time to join Julia and the gang over at Stamping Ground. It's What on Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Time is flying by and I can't believe Wednesday has rolled around again. It has been beautiful here in Michigan - looks like Spring is finally coming. I actually managed to open some windows and air out the house.

This is my desk. It is between projects so there is a lovely blank space. My computer has a space on it. I always listen to Radio Suffolk while I'm crafting. It's lovely to hear all what's going on at home.

This is the inside of a couple of those albums I was working on. I think I'll do a separate post with more pics. These have been really fun to make.

My Mum had a scan on Monday. Don't know how long it will take for results but hoping all will be okay so we can start planning holiday.

This is my updated cross stitch picture - haven't been working on it too much! And lastly (tried to keep this short) is a picture of Shasta my daughter's newly adopted dog. My daughter has some time off this weekend and came to visit bringing her new dog with her. Shasta is gorgeous and so very sweet. I can't believe she wasn't adopted sooner.
Off to visit desks!


  1. Hi Sharon, I'm not a dog person, but Shasta is beautiful, I agree. Love the look of those albums. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #8 xxx

  2. Shaz, that's exactly what I was going to say!! Shasta is lovely, I am sure she will be very happy with her new family. That cross stitch looks like a santorino image - I just picked up a paper pad today! Like the look of those scrapbooks too. Happy Wednesday, Cindy #29

  3. I look forward to more posts about your albums you are doing. Your Shasta looks wonderful. And cross stitching, too! Thanks so much for the peek. The other Sharon, #54

  4. What a nice thing of your daughter to adopt a dog! She is beautiful!
    Never saw such a beautiful cross stitch work and these albums look very interesting
    Gabriele 53

  5. Wow! Your albums came out beautifully! Love the Amy Tan paper on the purple! Your cross-stitch is coming along nicely too. Your dd dog is gorgeous - I have a thing for huskies, which is why we have a lab mutt and a beagle - ha. I'm in Michigan too (over by Traverse City) and it was lovely weather until today, and now it looks like rain. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV #48

  6. Hi Sharon, Love your albums. Your stitching is coming on.

    Shasta is lovely.

    I only found out the other the village where I live has it's own radio station and some of the people doing it come from other countries.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #21

  7. Lovely projects - I can see more of the picture of the cross stitch now (I couldn't really work out the picture last week!) Good that you can listen to a UK radio station - anything is possible through the internet these days. Shasta is gorgeous! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #36

  8. A www, what a lovely dog...good for your daughter adopting her. Hope they have a long happy life together 😃💖
    It tickled me that you listen to Radio Suffolk...the power of the Interwebs is fab, isn't it? Are you out in the States forever or do you intend coming back to Blighty one day?
    Thanks for visiting and the lovely comments!
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xxx

  9. Lovely albums - Thanks for visiting me earlier - BJ #17

  10. Great looking album! Looks like it has flip pages, how cool! Love the dog and great cross stitch you're working on. Hope you mom's scan is good! Thanks for the visit and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #47

  11. Lovely to see how your projects have developed since last week. Hope your Mum's scan turns out to be ok.

  12. Happy WOYWW and thanks for your earlier visit. Those albums look interesting, as well as your cross stitch (I used to do a lot of stitching and ran a business selling kits, but lost my stitchy bug and literally do none now). Beautiful dog - looks so cuddly. Ali x #33

  13. Your albums are lovely. As is your cross stitch. Is it going to be a cushion?
    The dog looks very friendly. Is it a husky? Beautiful dog.
    Thanks for visiting earlier,
    Have a good week,

  14. Lovely dog! Your albums look great. Thanks foor visiting earlier.
    Bernice #23

  15. Loving the albums, I'm making some myself at the moment so would love to see more of the detail. Lovely dog too. Fingers crossed for your mum. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 25

  16. Hoping all goes well for your Mum. How lovely to have Sasha visit with her new dog and what a beautiful photo. Your album looks lovely. I like the colours you've used. The cross stitch is pretty too. I go to a cross stitch circle in our village every Monday afternoon. It's a nice relaxing hobby. Thank you for visiting mine earlier. Barbx #26

  17. I love those albums, Sharon - they look brilliant and I'd love to see more about them. I haven't touched my cross stitch since the last KnitterNatter meeting a fortnight ago (our church craft group - more nattering than anything else goes on !!) but I hope to do some more at tomorrow's meeting. The project has been on the go for over 25 years. Definitely time it was finished!

    Thank you for your lovely and interesting comment - fascinating to read of your Gypsy forebears. It must have been very hard for your great-granddad to give up the travelling life he loved. I expect he had a beautiful painted caravan! I am looking forward to practising the techniques a bit more and being able to do my hubby's boxes justice. I've go a few more paint avenues to try before I give up and seek some enamel paints on Ebay!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #62

  18. I absolutely love your albums, especially the vintage one! The flip pages are the perfect format to store lots of photos and the tag in the pocket is perfect for journaling. Blessings!

  19. Well I WAS looking at all your lovely creations, but you distracted me with that beautiful dog! What a gorgeous girl!

    :)trisha too
    #44 this week with
    baby shower deco

  20. Love your albums, and what a beautiful dog. Enjoy the sunshine

  21. I'm loving your albums, they are great, and I especially love the papers in the top one - gorgeous! The dog is stunning and how wonderful that she's been adopted and given a loving home - that's a great thing for your daughter to do. Thanks so much for the visit to mine and I hope you have a good week
    Diana #28

  22. Thanks for visiting me yesterday whilst I was out and about.
    That is one gorgeous dog - so good that she has a lovely nature to go with her good looks.
    Love your albums, the top one is my favourite but I like them both. Also the cross stitch, absolutely beautiful, so talented.
    Glad you are having sunshine as we are too - makes one feel like getting up and about - energising sunshine.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  23. Your albums are looking like a beautiful project and the cross stitch is moving along nicely. Hope all goes well with your mum's scans.
    sandra de @11

  24. Love the pics. Great makes too. Take care Zo xx 35

  25. Those albums look so interesting! I hope the scan results are good!

  26. I love those albums! And would happily look at more pics of them :)
    Your daughter's dog is gorgeous! Is she an Alaskan Malamute?
    Hope your Mum is OK.

  27. Love those albums, going to make someone very happy. Your daughter's dog is gorgeous, looks very cuddly, I, too, cannot believe she was even became a rescue dog, how could anyone not want her?
    Thanks for visiting my page and your lovely comments.
    Chris #22

  28. What a tidy desk. I look forward to your flip album posts. Those are on my list to make. You know... in my free time ;-) Shasta is adorable. I have the same thought about the Brittany/ Beagle we've acquired. Showed up and I could not find a home for him for trying... and trust me, I tried! LOL Thanks for stopping by me blog this week. Creative Blessings! Kelly #43

  29. Thanks for your visit earlier - I'm just starting out visiting desks.
    Hope the results are good from your Mother's scan and you can take time out together soon.
    Take care and have a good week
    Bishopsmate #30

  30. Those albums are just awesome, I love the simplicity of it but its workable and good on the eye
    Bridget #2

  31. LOVE that purple album! Wonderful pics and such a tidy and organized desk space! Thank you for stopping by my space earlier.... I didn't find the time to check out all of the beautiful space this week. So much to do and such little time. Creative blessings.
    MiSchra ♥ #66

  32. Hello Sharon Thanks for visiting my blog earlier....... I am so glad it has been great weather and I can not wait to open up the windows here. Loving those albums I have made a few of them myself your desk is so tidy and I love how bright your room is. Have a fantastic week Hugs~Anne L#12


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