Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I don't even seemed to have made a dent in my scrap paper. My hands started cramping up today so had to stop. Guess that's a result of getting older. Sigh. Or perhaps a lack of something. My feet were cramping horribly yesterday and I thought that it was because it was sold cold again. Maybe I need some bananas as potassium is supposed to help. I think.

I have die cut circles, squares, Happy Birthdays, umbrellas, balloons, flowers, labels, arrows etc and I haven't even  made a dent in the box of paper. So frustrating. I'm putting it away for a while I think. Maybe do some more next week! Maybe I should think of some cards to make with the scrap pieces or something other than die-cutting!

I am going to put some of the flowers and umbrellas together - after a rest!

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