Saturday, January 7, 2017

From Cold to Snow...

I'm not sure which one is worst! It's still snowy this morning and quite cold but not the horribly cold temps we had in Minnesota. The drive down was good. Daughter and I left at 3am in the morning and it seems that was the perfect time as we missed all of the traffic around Chicago. I think even the lorry drivers were snug in their beds still!

We managed to get everything unloaded. Took a little while, but we got it done! Lots for her to sort out but she'll have to take her time - she starts her new job on Monday.

Despite the cold (-13F -25C without the wind chill) we decided to explore a little bit. It was so cold my hair ended up freezing and it wasn't even wet! We wrapped up really well but still couldn't spend too long outside without starting to feel a little numb but we managed a walk.

On one side of the bridge the Mississippi was frozen solid.

On the other side it was partially frozen and mist/steam was coming off the water. Quite beautiful. Unfortunately I forgot my camera - managed to pack lense just not camera - so only had my phone camera.

Shasta absolutely loved the cold! She wanted to go racing around in the snow

She looks so funny in this photo mid-leap. The rest of us weren't so enamoured of the cold.

At the end of the day we were all as tired out as she was! I'll share more of our adventure tomorrow!


  1. Lovely photos of the river and snow! Don't envy your daughter having to unpack and put away everything, but her apartment looks lovely and bright. Is Shasta staying with your daughter or did she come back home with you?

    1. Shasta is daughter's dog so she gets to stay there. I'm very sad to see her go. Daughter says that she's a little unsettled but I think it will just take her time. Her place has lots of sunshine! I think it's needed when so cold.

  2. Those photos are so beautiful. I hope all goes well for your daughter. At least she has a good dog to take care of her. x


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