Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ICE (Sunday pt 3)

We walked along an icy pier. Not a pier in the classic English sense of one. It's basically a slab of concrete heading out into the lake - no barrier on either side. I don't like walking along them. I stayed in the middle, far from the slippery edges.

Here you can see where the ice is melting and rolling off the sides of the pier and into the water below.

We actually got to see where the ice was melting and the lake flowing.

A mixture of sand and ice on the pier and two fishermen walking down to fish off the end of the pier. I wouldn't fancy sitting out there for long!

Still covered in ice! Too slippery to get any closer. What a fun walk this was. It's supposed to be getting colder again so maybe more ice pictures another time.

Hubby and I won't be going to walks for a couple of weeks. I'm off on Saturday to visit daughter in another state. My frequent flier miles are finally paying for something! My flight only cost $11.20 with my air miles. I was so glad to see that this airline has miles that don't expire! I will be shopping with them again. The other airline miles expire so never used because I never have enough to do anything with!


  1. Wow that really is icy!! You are braver than me to venture there, but you did get some wonderful pictures! Hope you have a great time visiting your daughter!!

  2. That pier looks scary - I would never have the courage to walk on it! You take amazing pictures. Glad you're getting a deal on the flight. It's great when a deal really comes through. x

  3. Lots of ice! Do people go ice fishing there? I remember there were a lot of people who did ice fishing when I was in Wisconsin. How lovely that you will be off to visit your daughter and using your frequent flier miles to do so! Have a fun visit!


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