Monday, January 23, 2017

Sunday Walk (pt 2)

We headed down the coast from Little Sable Lighthouse to White River Lighthouse. Here we found the ice we were looking for! I'm not sure why there was no ice on the beach at Little Sable. Really strange as there wasn't a piece in sight!

White River Lighthouse is up on the banks of the river.

It looks pretty clear and clean - until you walk down the steps and onto the river bank.

You can see the last pieces of ice floating in the river.

There's still some on the rocks.

From here we walk along to the beach where there is ice galore!

It looked like some foreign, desolate land. Sand, mixed with ice and mixed with water. It was getting pretty weak so no walking any closer! The sand was pretty squishy in places. I'm sure there was ice beneath the sand that had then melted and holes were forming.We couldn't see many ice formations on this beach but we did see some pretty cool sand ones. 

There were holes like this in the sand and inside were little sand formations.

I've never seen anything like them before!

This post is pretty picture heavy so I'm going to post another post with the remainder of the photos on - more ice and a walk along a pier.


  1. Some of those sand stalactite stalagmite things look very weird don't they! Most odd. There is a lot of ice isn't there.

  2. That is a very beautiful lighthouse! All your pictures are lovely, but I've never seen anything like those sand formations under the ice! It's a bit like a cave system - but made of ice and sand! So interesting! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. I love seeing all the places you visit.

  3. What a beautiful lighthouse. Brrrr, it looks so cold there, I've never seen ice on a beach like that before and those sand formations are amazing.

  4. Wow, I e never seen anything like them either, so beautiful and unusual, lovely walk xx

  5. Those pictures are amazing. The ones of the ice and the 'sand formations' are like pictures of another world. Thank you for sharing x


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