Monday, February 13, 2017

Back Home

Sigh. Back home again. Sad to leave daughter but glad she and Shasta are settling into their new apartment and lives. Daughter's apartment building seems really secure, quiet, clean and safe and that certainly makes me feel a little better.

I have lots of photos to share but have to sort through them. I did manage to take a couple from the plane yesterday. It was a really clear day and we could see below the whole flight! It was a little bumpy - the poor lady next to me did not like it so much. I saw her in the bathrooms when we landed and she said she almost threw up. She did eat a bag of crisps/chips, pretzels and cookies. Yikes. So glad she managed to hold it in - that would not have been pleasant!

A lovely clear view of Minneapolis/St Paul.

Some fluffy clouds ahead the closer we got to Michigan!

Lake Michigan shoreline.

River (I think it might be the Mississippi) as we flew over it. It was lovely to be able to see so clearly. Usually I take an aisle seat but it was a short flight so I booked a window seat. So glad I did!

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  1. Glad the flight was a good one and that you had a good time with your daughter, very nice to see her all settled in I am sure. xx


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