Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beautiful Sunday Walk

It was a gorgeous day today. February in Michigan and it was warm enough to go without a coat! There were lots of people out in shorts - a little crazy imo - with really white legs lol. I think we are all fed up with winter. It was really great to see the sun shining and the sky really blue.

With the weather as great as it was we decided to take a trip up to Ludington State Park and take a walk to the lighthouse and maybe check out some camping spots.

It's a really lovely walk - 1.8 miles to the lighthouse so a round trip of 3.6 miles. It is a level walk, some sand as the dunes on either side had drifted a little with the winter winds.

A first peek of the lighthouse over the dunes.

And finally a view of the Big Sable Lighthouse in all its glory.

This has to be one of my favourite lighthouses.

Still a little stubborn snow/ice around.

And a few hints of where there was ice.

What a lovely walk! More tomorrow....


  1. Looks beautiful. I heard on the evening news, the other day, that parts of the Midwest were having a very mild February. They were showing people in Chicago in shorts and t-shirts! Enjoy the nice weather while you can.

  2. It looks like you had an enjoyable walk. Beautiful photos especially of the lighthouse against the blue sky. We're still waiting for warmer weather here in S. Yorkshire!


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