Monday, February 20, 2017

More walking - beautiful Michigan!

I loved Ludington State Park. After our walk to the lighthouse we decided to take a look around at the other campgrounds - unfortunately only one was open but some of the spots looked great! I checked when I got home and most of them were booked already - for most of the summer! Yikes. I can believe it after we drove a little further into the park. There were plenty of walks along rivers and through woods and a lovely dam. The day was so beautiful people were out fishing.


On our way back down to Kalamazoo we stopped at the other lighthouse in Ludington - Ludington North Pierhead Lighthouse. It's a little walk out to the lighthouse and there was still a bit of ice on the walkway.

See the people fishing? There was a bite to the air at this one.

So calm on one side, rough on the other.

Still a huge chunk of ice on one side of the lighthouse. Didn't walk around that side - look how big it is!

It looked like it was ready to fall!

A reminder that it is still winter - the seats are just about buried from the blowing sand! They will have to be dug out sometime before the season starts, but I doubt it will be soon. This is Michigan and one day we're wearing shorts and the next in the middle of a snow storm.

Warm days are nice while they last!

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  1. Lovely scenery! That chunk of ice on the side of the lighthouse looks a bit scary! Never know when it might just slide right off!


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