Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunday Walk - Warren Dunes State Park

Another dry, sunny but chilly Sunday morning so we pottered off on another walk. We took a drive about an hour away to Warren Dunes State Park for a walk along the beach. Luckily I had bundled up in my long undies - they were needed! The wind was quite brisk. There weren't many people out and about.

I took photos with my camera - practising what I've learned - and with my phone. The one above is from my phone. It 'created' a panoramic view which I thought was quite nice.

The seagulls were out in force. Luckily these ones aren't the vicious kind. I almost got my sandwich pinched out of my hands last summer on my trip to England! These were a lot calmer - scared of people as they tended to fly away as soon as I got close.

Still some ice around though not as much as there was the last time we were there. 

You can see where it had chipped away at the sand.

A big piece of wood uncovered - made me giggle.

Look at those waves!

All in all a beautiful, yet chilly walk. From there we drove down to another lighthouse - I'll share those photos tomorrow. 


  1. Brrrrrr I'm wishing I had my thermals on too for this visit, which is totally worth a walking in the bracing fresh air. Those icy pics are incredible!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Wren x

  2. You're are blessed to have such great places like this beach to visit and take a walk. The photos are wonderful - love the close-up of the ice and the one of the gull flying.

  3. Beautiful pictures and enjoyed seeing them. Very brave of you to be out walking in the cold, though! I'm sure I'd prefer to sit at home when it's cold outside!

  4. Great captures! I really like the long landscape shot!


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