Friday, February 2, 2018

Snow/More Crafts

Back to snow again. I think my body is having trouble adjusting to the drop in temps again. I can't seem to get warm at all. Don't have a lot of energy today either. It's laundry day - so lots of running up and down stairs (washer and dryer are in our basement) but other than that I think I'll sit in my chair with a blanket and stitch. It's snowing again outside so no walking anywhere today.

Here are a couple more fun cards I've made. With the first one I had the image ready to go (not sure why I had stamped and coloured it) and wanted to use the sentiment as I haven't used before. Don't know anybody getting divorced so hope I'm not jinxing anyone by making it lol.

I love the sentiment in the second one. Had this one stamped too so thought I'd make it up into a card.

My good finish this week was the cross stitch I started years ago - so many I can't remember! I finally finished it. I hated doing all the background stitching as it seemed to take forever!

And the one I've just started - also purchased many years ago!

And lastly one of my moon photos. This was a pain to get as it was cloudy most of the week and when it was clear it was beyond freezing! I could barely feel my fingers at all when taking the photos (and yes I had gloves on lol).

I took it at night. It was bright but no fancy colour lol. 


  1. Great moon picture, I tried for an age to get one of the blue moon but to no avail. Loved the divorce card, I have never seen one before so I must admit it did make me smile. ore snow forecast for next week here too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love your cards and the uplifted kitty cross stitch! :D


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