Thursday, February 8, 2018

Winter Storm

Ugh. We're under a Winter Storm Warning. They are saying up to 10inches on top of what we've already got. I reckon there's a rush at the store - there usually is every time they say 'storm'. We always keep things on hand so I didn't go. We rarely lose power either unless there is ice on the lines so at least I'll be able to stay in a warm house. I guess we'll just wait and see.

The trucks did come through our road today and dropped salt so I thought I'd see if I could at least go out and unbury my poor car as it was covered with snow. I must have scraped about five or six inches off it and then shoveled the driveway a bit to unbury my car a little. Seems a little redundant now I know we're getting more. I probably shouldn't have even done that with my back but I've been sleeping most of the night (at least until hubby gets up at 4.30) in the chair and things are feeling a little better. Anyway by this time I could see some road so I thought I'd go out just down to the park for a walk. We live right on the hill and when it's not clear I can't get up it in my car. I did manage though.

There was nobody out walking - not a surprise. It's really cold and windy. I just needed to get out a bit. I took my camera and took a little walk around. In places the snow was quite deep and heavy going. The ground keeper truck must have been through on some of the thicker trails and I walked in the tyre track.

On my way back to my car I saw a woman and her (maybe) grandchild getting out of their car for a walk. I told her it was pretty deep in places. She wasn't even wearing boots! They didn't even look like proper shoes, just slip-ons. Doubt she went far!

It felt good to get out a little. I'm hoping the storm will be over by Saturday so maybe we can get out this weekend. Fingers crossed!


  1. Snow is challenging to live with, but so beautiful. Glad you were able to get out - hope the storm doesn't cause too many problems. It's good that you are stocked up. Stay safe. x Karen

  2. Stay warm and safe in that winter storm!

  3. Glad to hear you don't have power cuts so that you can stay warm, we are blessed with a wood burner in case. That is a lot of snow. Take care.

  4. You folks living in the northern part of the country are amazing, I don't know how you do it. One little snow and I wimp out down here.


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