Saturday, April 21, 2018

Made it!

We are now in Minnesota at least for the week. I'm currently sitting alone in daughter's place with Shasta as hubby, daughter, her boyfriend and a couple of their friends are at an outdoor show. It's not really my type of thing so I am relaxing and going to Skype with Mum in England. As daughter is an hour behind us I have to remember to Skype at the correct time lol.

The car ride was long and I was a little concerned as, when we hit Wisconsin, there was a lot of snow still around! Yikes! Luckily St. Cloud is not covered in snow - there is still a lot of ice on the Mississippi River and I am hoping to get some good photos before it melts. We'll be taking Shasta out for a walk this afternoon when they get back.

Shasta was really happy to see me. This morning she wanted me to go out for a walk with them and is currently curled up on the couch next to me. If she didn't love daughter so much I might be tempted to take her back with me lol.

The sun is shining here so that's a good sign and the temps look above freezing for the next week! I'm hoping we can go up to Duluth and see the Split Rock Lighthouse.


  1. Glad you arrived safely, have a wonderful break away.

  2. Have a lovely visit, Shasta sounds like such a lovely dog and very loyal too xx

  3. So glad the journey was good. Have a wonderful time.
    J x

  4. Glad to read that you made it safely! Enjoy your week with your daughter!

  5. I know you must be so happy to be with your daughter and SIL (and Shasta, too)! Shasta is such a pretty dog with those amazing blue eyes. Have fun! x Karen


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