Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday/100 Day Project

Another week beginning. I was hoping things would look a little more like Spring but not yet. There is even talk of the 's' word later in the week. Brrr. There was a weather item on the local news that this Easter was one of the coldest for several years. Granted, last year Easter was a couple weeks later but the temp was 70F/21C and even the year before (when Easter was on March 27th) the temperature was the same. This year? 36F/2C as a high. Sigh. It has to get warmer soon.

The land around is thinking Spring. This are popping up all over in the woods where I walk, but none have flowered yet. I don't think I'd be flowering either in this weather lol. 
The start of a new month and a new week brings a new project I'm going to try to join in with. If you've been reading this for a while you'll probably know that I'm not good with deadlines or regular commitments. I find it difficult to stick to one thing - probably why I have a lot of unfinished crafty projects around! Anyway I've decided I'm going to join in with the 100 day project. You're supposed to choose something and stick to it for 100 days - something generally crafty (?) and post on Instagram. There are free prompts to help. I'm going to document it over on my Camera Blog so I don't clog up this one but I've chosen my theme. It's a photography one more than a crafty one. I'm calling it Colour/Color My World. I'm using both spellings of the word - English and American - as I'm an English woman living in the states. I plan on taking colourful photos for each day (I'll post these on Instagram as well as blog) along with stories (only posting these on blog) of things in my world. 100 days is a long time so I'm hoping I can stick to it. We have several trips planned during this time so I won't always post on the specific day or they won't be fancy photos taken with my nifty camera. I'll also be in England for part of it. So that's the plan lol.

I hope I can stick to it. I'm going through a period right now where I'm finding it tough to get motivated. There are so many projects (crafty and not) running around in my head and I don't seem to get any of them done. Sigh. I hope everyone's week is off to a good start. 


  1. I think we are all feeling a bit mashed and unmotivated at the moment....probably a lot to do with the weather.
    I'd be pushed to commit to something for 100 seconds just now.
    Hope you get some sunshine soon to lift your spirits.

  2. Love the promise of spring and color in those daffodil buds!

  3. I'm following along on there too. I love your photos!


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