Monday, September 17, 2018

Hot Monday

Summer has returned. I want Autumn! I want the cooler mornings and days where I can have the windows open. It's too hot for all that. Yuck. I probably shouldn't complain. Soon it will be cold and I'll probably be complaining about that too! I was looking forward to cooking some meals, but I'm back to trying to work out hot-day meals where I only have to use the stove briefly. It's too hot to be in my craft room for long too. Sigh.

We only got a short walk in yesterday. It was too hot for a hike so we just went to the lakeshore. As the official summer season is over you don't have to pay for parking at the beach anymore which was nice. I am looking forward to when things are a little quieter with not so many people about. The beach was still quite busy. It looked as though they were still grooming it too. Once they stop doing that the sand will dip and water will fill up spots. I like the wild look a lot better than carefully groomed.

I'm being quite lazy today. I got out for a walk before things got too hot, but even then the humidity caused my shirt to stick to me.

I don't often share photos of myself - although I enjoy taking photos I don't like having them taken lol - but had to share this one daughter took of me with Shasta while I was in Minnesota.


  1. What a lovely photograph Sharon.
    It has gone very warm again here too. I'd like it to stop now thank you very much as I have my Autumn and Winter candle stash so I would like some cool evenings for cosying up with them lit.

  2. Thank you for sharing that photo of you and Shasta with us. It's a wonderful photograph! Sorry to hear it's too hot. It hasn't cooled off yet, here, but that's OK with me. :D


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