Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ug Dentist/Plant Species

I really like the ladies at my dentist office. They are so nice and understanding but I'm still scared stiff when I go!!! I had to go for the first of three appointments. This one was the longest. Three hours. I kept telling myself that three hours wasn't too long but it didn't help a lot. One side of my mouth aches. Sigh. At least it's three weeks before the next one. I'm such a baby when it comes to the dentist.

On another note I was reading Sue's blog The Cottage at the End of Lane the other day and she had another wonderful post about the Elder tree including history and folklore.  I love visiting her blog. It gives me a lovely taste of home and she has such interesting posts. Spurred on by her post I decided to look up something about these luscious looking lovely berries I've seen growing around including in my back garden.

They look so lovely, like a mini bunch of grapes with a deep purple colour. I hadn't eaten any - I would never do that without knowing what they are. I looked them up online - Pokeweed. It's a good thing I didn't eat the berries - because eating them causes sickness. They do, however, make a lovely dye. Perhaps I should try that. They certainly look a wonderful colour. When I was reading up there was some conflict as to whether any part of the plant is edible. Some sources said the young shoots were edible, sort of like asparagus, but if not picked at the right time they are toxic. Mmmm, thinking I'll leave that alone too! Apparently the berries were used to cast out evil spirits - not surprising if they make you sick as you'll be throwing up for a while!

I did buy myself a little Michigan Wildflower book. I have started taking my own photos of plants I see around and I think I'll make my own book. I find the whole subject quite interesting.


  1. Looking forward to reading about what you see. I love Sue's entries about folklore and traditions.

  2. I have been to my dentist today (a dentist in the practice known as My Dentist which has surgeries throughout the country). I have been going to my particular dentist for three years now (after our dentist had to retire before of health problems) and I have to say he's wonderful. I had root canal work done two years ago and I never felt a thing, it wasn't anywhere near as awful as people have said. He says that with good modern dentisty and the right techniques there is no need for pain whatsoever, and I now believe him. I've had a filling today - just renewing an old filling, not because I had a bad tooth - again perfectly done, just a small scratch and a numbing of my gum for the anaesthetic, and all over in 15 minutes. What more can I say? He says that if there is pain when you visit a dentist (I mean from the dentist, not the reason you are attending) then the dentist isn't doing his work correctly. I now enjoy going, passing the time of day with him and just relaxing and knowing he's caring for my teeth.
    Margaret P

    1. I really like my dentist. She doesn't cause me pain when I go, it's more that I had a bad experience once and now feel really, really anxious when I do go. For years I didn't go at all. Now I force myself to go. The dentist I go to is very understanding and help as much as they can with my anxiety. I am glad I found her.

  3. I enjoy Sues folklore posts too. Looking forward to reading about what you record.


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