Friday, September 28, 2018

With the Cooler Weather ....

…. comes the Autumn cold. I've been feeling a little off for days. I should probably have stayed in this morning and not walked, but I went out and then felt awful when I got back. I was achy all over - my gums and mouth were even hurting too - some from the dentist trip but some because everything was just aching. I had to stay in anyway as my old passport was due to be delivered today. They couldn't have both come on the same day - oh no - but this one needed a signature too. I was hoping to take a long bath, but ended up being really quick as I didn't want to get caught short!

It was quite pretty over at the lake this morning. I love it there. It's the perfect way to start a day. Sometimes I just want to take a chair and sit, take a deep breath and watch the day away. It makes me forget everything that's going on especially all the things that make life stressful and make me sad.

The moon was still up after the sun came up. It was a beautiful beginning to the day - that ended with rain.


  1. I'm sorry you're aching. Your view is amazing on your walk. Have a great weekend!

  2. Maybe the cold will come to nothing. I do hope so.

  3. I've woken up with a cold this morning so I share your snuffliness! Luckinly no aches and pains. Hope both our colds go very quickly

  4. Oh no.....cough and cold weather again.
    I hope yours doesn't hang around for long.

  5. You poor thing, hope it hasn’t totally knocked you for six, sounded like it was building to be a nasty one! Beautiful view across the lake xx

  6. Doesn't sound good, hope you feel better soon. Such beautiful views.

  7. Hope you feel better, soon. I hate getting a cold!


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