Friday, February 26, 2021

Odds and Ends

 Thanks again for all the support, comments and thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate them. It makes my heart feel good that there are such nice and supportive people out there. This really can be a good community!

Just a few random bits today - phone photos that I've taken of my days. Still plodding away.

Some lovely painted stones I saw on my walk the other day. How appropriate they are! They really made me smile and brightened my day. 

A cross stitch I've started. The light is getting better in the daytime - there has actually been several days of sunshine this week. Great for stitching. I showed this to Mum the other day and I need to do more so I can show her progress the next time we manage to video chat! Great motivation :)

An Ice Cairn. First time I've seen one of these! Husband's work doesn't want him to work overtime and he worked longer this week so ended up taking a few hours holiday and had the day off today. We went out for the day. It was lovely and bright and fairly warm (at least for Michigan lol). 

Hopefully this video will show up lol. I took - no tried, to take some video at the lighthouse. 


  1. I love those painted rocks, at first I thought you painted them, but then I read that you saw them on your walk. I painted some rocks, a new hobby for me. That is the first ice cairn I have seen.

  2. The painted rocks are cute! And so is your cross stitch! I've never seen an ice cairn! How lovely! Glad you are enjoying some nice weather. :)

  3. Yes your video worked and made me feel very cold!
    Hope the sun shines for you again this weekend. It's been one day sun and one day cloud here in Suffolk and mild compared to Michigan!

  4. Oh my goodness that looks cold. I don't fancy a dip in there. Spring is starting to appear here and the days are rapidly getting longer and warmer. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe and warm

  5. I love those rocks! And the ice rocks - so cool!

  6. I've never seen an ice cairn before - someone had a lot of patience!


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